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Cities: Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Ramgarh, Fatehpur.

About the Journey

The lands of ornate havelis, majestic palaces, regal mansions and heritage seeped in the vibrant lanes leading to hidden stories. This zone is a mirage of different cultures, ancient traditions, lost tales woven in desert tunes, folk lore and Rajasthani hospitality.

The discovery begins in Ahmedabad, where old meets new and the old continues to live in heritage homes and havelis, where we will try and find out the secrets behind doors ageing back to almost 300 years ago. The city is peppered with Mughal architecture too, the hidden gems of yesteryears.

The trail continues through this vibrant state only to reach another treasure: a city painted in blue. Doors here showcase the grandeur of the Marwari culture, of the Rajput emperors who lived palatial lives.

Brace yourselves for epic stories of war and bravery as we explore the doors of magnificent cenotaphs and forts and sink into the blue walled city for stories.

Stay tuned as we cross over to reach the bustling capital: where chaos is fun and there is heritage at every bend. A treasure trove of stories and doors, waiting for us to come and fall in love with its secrets. There are temple doors, doors guarding impregnable forts and palatial palaces in full glory.

We then foray into the crumbling, yet astounding mansions of Shekhawati, a place like none other. Here doors compliment the stunning frescos of the walls of the forgotten Havelis.

This is journey of a lifetime, a journey to age old vistas, to heritage and to history. We are ready to travel back in time. Are you?
#Doors of India: for the time travellers.

The Door's Stories

Malji Ka Kamra - A lap of luxury

  September 16, 2017
Our last stop and door on this remarkable journey is at Churu, the gateway to the Thar desert.

The door in focus is the super-sized main door to Malji Ka Kamra, a century old, restored mansion which now operates as a heritage hotel. It was built around 1925 by Mal Chand Kothari – a rich Marwari merchant.

The turquoise blue, wedding cake like tiered structure is an architectural marvel – a unique combination of Shekhawati’s famous fresco paintings with European pillared architecture, Italian art-deco influences and Mughal style doors and arches.

If I have to describe the door in a word, I would say ‘magnificent’. It’s a 30 feet high door, strong and tall enough for an elephant to pass through. This distinctly Mughal style door is covered with iron sheets and brass bars, iron spikes, iron chains and brass knockers…giving it every bit of the royal look.

It is surrounded by many paintings of various generations of Bikaner Kings and paintings of Radha Krishna. As you enter, there are Jharokas on either side, constructed to welcome guests, riding on elephants with a shower of flowers.

It is said, that till the time Mal Chand Kothari wasn’t satisfied with the look and feel of the haveli, he used to demolish it and construct it again resulting in 17 long years of construction.

The Malji Ka Kamra has now been converted into a hotel and has been completely restored, but its role has not changed, it still acts a lap of luxury for all its guests.

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